By Francis Koster Ed.D 

We have two decades to save life on earth as we know it - and I am not kidding[2] These gasses float up, and over decades create the equivalent of an oven around our collective living quarters - our earth. [4] The August 2015 sea surface temperature was the highest for any month in the existing 1880–2015 record.[6]  

Insurance companies now anticipate a bad storm year could cost them over one trillion dollars, posing a serious threat to their industry.  Allstate Insurance said that recent storms wiped out all the profits they had made in 75 years of selling homeowners insurance, and that they are withdrawing from insuring coastal states.[10] 

You read that right - starting soon, we have to.......

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Local communities and major corporations both have an unrecognized chance to reverse the trends in climate change/global warming dramatically.  This opportunity exists because according to the scientists one of the major gasses causing problems lives around 12 years[1].  If we can stop adding this one gas to the environment we could rather quickly see a slowing of the damage it causes. 

Think of our environment like a campfire.   If you want to make it burn slow and steady, you add wood on log at a time.  If you want to make the fire burn explosively, you pour gasoline on it.  If you don’t want to increase the flame, you stop adding gasoline, and the fire will simmer down.

The “gasoline” of climate.......

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