Factory-Farm-Boom chart of cafo population

As I I scan the trends that will shape our future, several pose unique moral issues which create a tension between some definitions of "progress". In some ways, these issues seem designed to challenge us to examine basic assumptions about the society we have created and what kind we want in the future.  

In the healthcare arena, doctors are pointing us toward some statistics which show several unusual epidemics are underway. Our current path is not sustainable.

When one hears the word "epidemic", one often thinks of a communicable disease, like measles, polio, HIV or cholera.   People get sick because they connect to a germ that takes root in their bodies. When sick, they pass the disease germs along to others. We.......

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By Francis Koster Ed.D.

There are three surprising facts about food that almost no one knows - and they absolutely impact the life expectancy and health of you and yours.

Start with this: British researchers studied 65,000 people over 7 years, and found that people who ate seven portions of fruits or vegetables every day have a 42% lower death rate than those who ate just 4 or fewer servings![1] The Centers for Disease Control studies show that only 11% of Americans eat that much![2]

The second interesting fact is that today's fruits and veggies are missing a lot of vitamins and minerals those same crops had 50 years ago. A woman eating a peach in 1951 got around 25 times more vitamin A than she would eating a modern peach! [4] One.......

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