By Francis Koster Ed. D.

For the next two minutes or so reading time I intend to shock you with information, increase your anxiety about the future of our society, and tell you what you can do about it. The focus is our often criticized K-12 education system, which some describe as a boat run aground, and others say has been torpedoed. Instead, it may help to examine the passengers.


As of fall 2014, about 50 million students attend public elementary and secondary schools - one out of every six Americans. An additional 5 million students attend private schools.[1],[2]


 The kids who go to these schools have very different lives than you and I did at that age.  

There are three main areas of change - rising.......

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By Francis Koster Ed.D.

In the world of medicine, a 3 year project has figured out that doing something simple increases patient health and satisfaction, while having the potential to reduce the annual cost to society for healthcare by billions of dollars.   And wonder of wonders, this does not depend on computers, or insurance policies, or politicians of any stripe.

The concept, called Open Notes,[1] is simple - after each visit to the doctor or hospital, the patient is given a copy of what the caregiver wrote in their chart. It is that easy.

Research shows that most patients forget more than three quarters of what the doctor tells them during the visit.[2] And to top that off, the part they think they remember they often.......

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