By Francis Koster Ed. D.   

We have a situation. Leaking natural gas (methane) is one of the most climate changing gasses we dump into our atmosphere.  In some places it is leaking at a disturbing rate. 

Scientists have just announced that 2014 was the warmest year on recordand noted an increasing number of violent storms.   Signs of climate change are being reported almost daily. Also noteworthy is that the language used to discuss the contribution of leaking natural gas in this emerging situation is misleading and creates a false sense of complacency.


Imagine your high school aged daughter coming home from her first daylong tailgate party at a college football game. You detect that she has.......

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By Francis Koster Ed. D.

As we struggle to create a better future for our kids, and their kids, sometimes it helps to take a breath and put things in perspective.   The current political storm over the Keystone XL oil pipeline could really use it.

A sensible Federal law requires that when a foreign company or country wants to build a pipeline which would cross our international borders, a Presidential Permit is required.[i] In the case of Keystone XL, this set the stage for politics entering the national discussion.

Tweet #1: "Our national security is at stake".   No. Oil is sold to the highest bidder - regardless of country of origin. So there is no "American" oil - only oil produced in America, owned by private.......

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